About Mammoth

We are proud family owned business offerring you the the best carpet cleaning service in Perth. Our company doesn't just offer a wide range of cleaning services for you and your family, but we are also committed to providing outstanding customer service.

We have been serving customers in the Perth area for many years and throughout this time it is that commitment that made us grow and succeed. Seeing as most of our business comes from our clients referrals we understand how important it is to keep our high standards of both the quality of our work and courtesy of our technicians.

With thousands of homes and businesses that we have cleaned as our resume, we remain at all times committed to providing our customers nothing short of the highest quality service and best trained professionals.

Member of Advantage Group Carpet Cleaners (AGCCWA)

The Advantage Group Carpet Cleaners (Inc) commenced operations in 1999 and was first registered as an association with its own constitution in 2000. Since then the AGCC has lead the way in the carpet cleaning industry and in 2005 became the first industry group in Australia with its members to have achieved nationally recognized certification. Striving for industry excellence and actively encouraging all members to seek available qualifications, the Group gained industry and market acknowledgement both locally and interstate and as such has been recognized by 'Choice' magazine as Western Australia's only Group of qualified carpet maintenance technicians.

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the certification registry and standard setting organisation for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry. It is the largest world-wide registry of inspectors, cleaners and restorers serving Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, Great Britain and Japan. It is controlled by a Board made up of regional and international trade associations.

The IICRC has been operating in Australia and New Zealand since the 1990s and now has over 1000 registrants qualified in a wide range of skills. Five training schools, together with instructors from the US, provide a year-round program of courses. Increasingly insurance companies and tenderers are requiring cleaners and restorers to be IICRC-registered in order to meet the criteria for the tender. The IICRC in Australia has close links with industry, with trade associations and with cleaning suppliers.

Cert II in Carpet Cleaning (Daniel's and Assoc.)

Jena Dyco - IICRC Hard Floor Care Course (FCT)

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